about us

There's a lot of history with Sunnybank Farm.  It was once part of the Morgan family estate which also included Tredegar House.  

Although a large part of the original farm has been sold off to investors and property developers, Sunnybank Farm still holds 14 acres of land and a handful of outbuildings.  With all neighbouring fields filled with sheep & cattle, the farming feel is still very alive.


When you believe you're about to start a great story, you want to share it.  This is our great story.  Growing up we were surrounded by DIY - both of our parents had that 'Project' house.  Now it's our turn.

You wouldn't typically find us with a hammer in hand.  We run a technology and personal coaching company by day - Think One.  By night, we've now become renovators... A big thanks to all those YouTubers providing us with instructions on how to get stuff done! 


When you look at the photos, it's not difficult to see the appeal of Sunnybank.  Having a large (and slightly untapped) family, it was the perfect size for us to fit in and give our kids plenty of space to create amazing childhood memories.

Sunnybank is a big project, and a big step outside of our comfort zone.  We have a great family, great friends and some awesome new neighbours who have already helped us out of a few tricky situations.

We plan to share as much about the adventure at Sunnybank when time allows.  We'll keep you updated on Instagram, facebook and on the blog page!